A little bug simulation game where you can annoy bugs
with your finger.

Your goal is to make a lot of bugs until the apple is rotten.
Be nice or rude.

Use your mouse with left click. 

There are additional game modes available.
Earning titles unlock them.


Bugs can eat

Bugs can avoid you

Bugs can run

Bugs can make love

Bugs can die


YOU CAN EARN MULTIPLE TITLES! whoooaa (more than 3)


And If you enjoyed the game you can support me in a way you feel comfortable with.
(feedback or ratings are super nice and helpful too)


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buggish_win.zip 23 MB
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buggish_linux.zip 25 MB

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This is so cute, satisfying to play and oddly calming :)

Thanks for playing it. :)


Very fun :) beautiful and actually very hard xD ! A "in-level" bug counter is something you want to add ?

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.
Yeah, it's a bit challenging and a constant bug counter is a good suggestion!
May I ask you how far you got? :)

I loose the first level actually (with like 3-5 bugs missing If I remember well) but I currently understand how to move them in the middle of the timer I think. I'll retry to give you more precise feedback :)


3-5 bugs are not bad! Try again. :D
I changed now slightly a bit the difficulty. Bugs stay now for 1,5 seconds longer in a full health state and a bug counter is added too.


Idk why but it made me pissed when the bugs wouldn't eat

They eat only if they don't have their full health points

I know but whenever i try to make a one health point left bug eat, they won't eat :(

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I tested it in the web and downloadable version and it seems to work fine.

Maybe you guided them just in the moment of their death to the apple. Then they died before they had eaten anything. :/
(the life of a starving bug falls faster than of one with two or more health)

ah, okay, i see


so fun, beatifull art style

(1 edit) (+1)

really sweet, your art style was really charming! The  instructions weren't super clear on how to get the bugs to multiply but I figured it out on my own and that was fun too!
this would be really fun on a touchscreen of some sort instead of a trackpad which I used

Thanks for playing it :)

And yeah, on touchscreen it would be interesting too. But I don't know if hovering with the finger would work on touchscreens like it does with the mouse cursor. But I will give it a try later.


Really fun game! Was hard to understand at first but got it and figure out what to do to have the bugs make love. My partner and I enjoyed the game a lot. Just trying to figure out what to do is part of the fun of the game. Keep the good work and looking forward to other games in the future. 

omg, love this game! its really REALLY SLASHY  /:) I WILL KILL ALL OF THEM /:)


ACULLY I love bugs there so cute


Pretty fun relaxing game, I can really see this expanded into a nice puzzle game in the style of Lemmings or something similar. Great work! Keep it up! 

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you! Yeah, I have a few ideas I'm currently collecting for a much more complex game. At the moment I just want to see what people think about this kind of control of units. And the overall response seems to be very positive.


Excited to see where it goes


loved this!


Super cute!!