everything in buggish is now free for everyone

Hey everybody, I decided to make the exclusive game modes from the supporter edition of buggish now free to everyone.
The supporter edition had cost 2$, so a big thanks to all of you who supported me with this edition.

I'm still a bit unsure when it comes to selling my own stuff.
I know that I want to make a living out of the things I enjoy, but at the same time I don't know if people value the price tag for the games as acceptable, which I set. So I think I let this game in a pay-what-you-want mode for all time. I will still updating it.
If you liked the main game and the additional game modes, you can give me some bugs (haha) or just a nice comment.

(I'm happy with this decision)

Maybe my next projects will have a more defined price tag, just because I know now a bit more what makes a polished game.

Anyway. I hope you will enjoy the two new game modes.

Here is a short description about them i've made a week ago:

Have fun. :)


buggish_win.zip 23 MB
71 days ago
buggish_mac.zip 23 MB
71 days ago
buggish_linux.zip 25 MB
71 days ago
buggish_web.zip Play in browser
71 days ago

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