A downloadable game for Windows

A short relaxing game about the inner space, thoughts and feelings.
Explore,  discover and wonder.

Made in the Lududm Dare 42 game jam.
Theme: Running out of space

Read first: I revisited the project and started to work on additional content for it, because I feel that this old jam prototype has still a meaning to me.
I'm also polishing the the sounds, story and visuals. At the end it will be a very delicious experience you can enjoy.

You can still play the jam version here, but I think the final version of
Where Stars Belong will be very different.
So please see this game jam version as its own nice thing.

I will use this page also as a development blog for the final version.
(the final version will get at the release it's own itchio page)

(gif from a new area)

I will announce here on itch and twitter when the final game is done.



LD42_WhereStarsBelong_v.1.1.zip 18 MB

Development log


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Nice short little game. Love the colours used. 

Thanks Wallace. :)

The visual style is absolutely gorgeous, the colours contrast so well! The ambience and feel is beautifully done. 

I wasn't sure what to do after getting two black orbs. I noticed the blue structure in the center had input feedback but nothing happened when clicking, standing, placing things on it. 

I had issues with dual screen, in fullscreen mode the cursor moves outside the window. Try locking the cursor in script. 

Otherwise, it's a beautiful surreal experience. Well done! :)

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Thanks for the advice. It's now implemented. :)

And ... usually something would have been activated at the altar by the [...].
The problem has now been solved. It was just a missing tick on one of the prefabs.
Check it out now. Everything should work. :D